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  1. Birds

    Amazing glass birds are a unique element of design and interior. Handmade, with a unique color scheme of real feathered friends, they will bring warmth and heavenly energy to your homes. Each bird is able to decorate and add accents to your windows and landscaping in the yard...Shop NOW
  2. Flowers & Butterflys

    The color palette can complement any interior and will be to the taste of the most demanding households. Attach hand-made and hand-painted flowers to your window, decorate your home with them and fill the house with bright colors of nature...Shop NOW
  3. Holiday Decor

    You are preparing to decorate the house for the next holiday - pay attention to our range of glass sun catchers. Each figurine reflects the mood and emotions of the holiday. Hang glass figurines on the window, or decorate the yard with them, add special accents to the holiday decor...Shop NOW
  4. Lamps

    Lantern houses are a reminder of the value of a family and a home. Each house made of colored glass in 3D format will fill your home with an atmosphere of family comfort. Hang such a house in your home and fantasize about the house that you dream of...Shop NOW
  5. Panels

    Our panels are real stained glass paintings that come to life in the sun. Natural landscapes, religious installations, as well as portraits - will be an exquisite addition to your interior. Each picture is created from colored glass and painted by hand...Shop NOW
  6. Suncatchers

    Ordinary glass of your house - can turn into an amazing stained glass window from multi-colored sun catchers. Our handmade glass figurines can be part of an installation that will set your windows apart from millions of others...Shop NOW

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